jaegerdesigns: noun, proper name, trademark. no role in design of the bird species of the same name.

pronunciation: 'yA-g&r di-'zInzs

etymology: 1 (german) jäger a: a hunter, from jagen to chase, hunt. (mil.) In the german army, one belonging to a body of light infantry armed with rifles, resembling the chasseur of the french army. b: one responsible for a forest and all plants and creatures there-in. 2 (middle french, medieval latin, 14th century) de- + signare a: to conceive or fashion in the mind; invent. b: to formulate a plan for; devise. c: to create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

definition: a Systems Engineering consultancy with experience in business and technology, emphasizing research, development, operations, reporting & training in:
           *computing; pre-DOS to Office, HW, SW, systems, specialist in MS Project & Excel
           *TQM-based business planning and reorganization, organizational development
           *physical science, applied physics, medical physics research & development
           *pre-investment Due-Diligence investigations, reporting, strategic advising 
           *electrical & civil engineering (licensed Professional Engineer)
           *marine & aircraft structures, instrumentation, systems
           *business & trade development in russia & asia
           *improvised & expedient devices & techniques
           *report generation & www development
           *explosives, small arms, ballistics
           *program & project management
           *available-light photography
           *technical counter-terrorism
           *transportation & logistics

base location: N47*40.9xx W122*24.3yy seattle washington usa
               gmt zone -8 hours

operational area: global

communication forms: digital, english, high german

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